Beliefs – A Neuroscientific Perspective

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Perhaps the greatest piece of knowledge I have acquired thus far is that we all have the power within us to affect whatever change we wish to see in our lives. It may not be clear how things will change but I know they can if that is my desire. What seems to be the stumbling block for most people, including myself, are beliefs that hold us back. These limiting beliefs present themselves as truth until we can see them for what they are, just a thought that we have continued to think over time. Thoughts are not truth and they have no power unless we choose to believe them. So the question arises, why do we believe these self defeating thoughts and how can we change them. There are many ways to tackle this question but I would like to explore it through the framework or neuroscience.
Recent developments in neuroscience have helped to explain how habits of thought are created and more importantly have shown that they can be altered. We can retrain how our brain processes information and thus create a new way of looking at ourselves and our world. While we may be just beginning to understand this scientifically, this is not new information. Mystics and great teachers throughout time have known the power of the mind to heal all wounds. Science, however, is making this more accessible by providing a physiological explanation. Continue reading “Beliefs – A Neuroscientific Perspective” »

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Inner Authority – Your Personal Guide in Life

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 Children follow their inner guidance…..until trained not to.

Do you ever feel confused by all the varying and often contradictory opinions, beliefs, and ideas? Nowhere is this more evidenced then in my two favorite arenas, the scientific and spiritual communities. In science many things that were deemed true 100 years ago, or in some cases even 10 years ago, have since been proven wrong. So what does that say about the future of our current “facts”? In the spiritual and personal growth arena, there are thousands of different practices to bring about transformation. Which are the best? For years I have personally struggled with how to internalize all the external information and deem what is right for me. In fact, I believe I chose this particular issue to be one I intended to sort out during this lifetime. Continue reading “Inner Authority – Your Personal Guide in Life” »

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Reclaiming Worthiness



       Initially I titled this inaugural  post “Who Am I?”. It seemed appropriate to introduce myself to you, the beautiful being who happened upon this blog.   While it may be a logical place to start, the truth is that I am still on the path of self discovery and the intention of this blog is to support me on that journey.  Perhaps that sounds a bit self indulgent, but I have come to realize that if I am going to be of service in any effective way in this world I must be connected to who I really am.  While I am still discovering the many facets of me, I have come know certain universal Truths.  The greatest of which is that each and every one of us is a unique expression of source and endowed with worthiness. Continue reading “Reclaiming Worthiness” »

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